Player Profile - Default Image/Icons

  • Default images for players have been updated
  • Male/Female default image/icon options added (Edit player to use either of the 2 options or upload a new image)
New Improved
6 months ago

Player Profile - Show Average Points, POTM, Value Change, Best Score, Worst Score

  • Go to the detailed profile of a player
  • Additional stats for Show Average Points, Player of the Match (POTM), Value Change, Best Score, Worst Score are available now
New Improved
6 months ago

Admin: Ability to individually manage all 4 Powers & Trades allowed in the game

  • Premium Add-Ons: Power Control
  • Game Admin can now pay and activate individual items within the Power Control
  • Game Admin can set their own limits on the allowed use of each power in the game
New Improved
6 months ago

Admin: Range of default Player Values

  • Increased options in the range of Default Player Values that can be set by the Game Admin
  • New range to be between $6m to $15m, increasing with a difference of $0.50m each (20 options available now)

Simplify how to set fantasy team name

  • Ability for users to set a fantasy team name on Signup and option to edit by going to 'My Profile'.
  • Team names can now edited at any time as required.

Fixtures - Show match status

Match Status tag is now available for all Fixtures, depending on whether the match is Completed, In-Progress or Not Yet Started.

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Fixtures - Show scorecard headers on bottom scroll

  • Login to the lobby > Fixtures > Click on 'Scorecard'
  • Notice the footer of the table
  • Mobile: When viewing the scorecard, it is now clear what is on the header of the table